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Dinan & California Car Culture Deal(s)

Gear heads and BMW owners know about Dinan Engineering, the premiere BMW tuner based in Morgan Hill, California.  On Friday May 31, it was announced that Dinan had been acquired by B&M Racing a portfolio company of Dubin Clark, a well known private equity firm based in Greenwich Connecticut.  Steven Dinan, an engineer and former racer of high-performance BMWs, founded Dinan Engineering in 1979 and has specialized in BMWs for 31 years. Car and Driver reports that Dinan’s modified BMW M3 generates 527 horsepower at a cost of $48,000 of modifications (on top of the $60,000 for the BMW M3). Dinan offers everything from engines, to parts to complete auto make-overs.

Dinan is joining Dubin Clark’s interesting family of California companies focused on automotive performance products:

  • B&M Racing – was acquired by Dubin Clark in 2007; they make performance and racing drive train products and are based in Chatsworth, CA.
  • Hurst Driveline Conversions – supplies overdrive transmission conversion kits for GM and Ford muscle cars, is based in West Sacramento, CA and was also added in 2007.
  • Hurst Shifter – makers of classic car shifters since 1958, is based in Santa Rosa, CA.
  • Flowmaster makers of mufflers, and exhaust products, also based in Santa Rosa, CA, was added in 2011.

(Note: EP was not involved in this transaction, we note it here as part of our ongoing commentary on deal activity in the West Coast Middle Market).

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We have redesigned our website and started a blog that will focus on what we think are interesting developments in middle market mergers and acquisitions, with a focus on West Coast deals, interesting deal stories, valuation yardsticks and related news, analysis or opinions.

If you are interested in following our blog, (or any blog for that matter), David Pogue of the New York Times recently recommended Feedly as an aggregator, and, having tried it, we agree, it is terrific.  Mr. Pogue’s advice is always helpful, his NY Times article Google’s Aggregator Gives Way to an Heir.

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