Welcome to our blog! Recommendations for Feedly and Razorfrog

We have redesigned our website and started a blog that will focus on what we think are interesting developments in middle market mergers and acquisitions, with a focus on West Coast deals, interesting deal stories, valuation yardsticks and related news, analysis or opinions.

If you are interested in following our blog, (or any blog for that matter), David Pogue of the New York Times recently recommended Feedly as an aggregator, and, having tried it, we agree, it is terrific.  Mr. Pogue’s advice is always helpful, his NY Times article Google’s Aggregator Gives Way to an Heir.

Our website has been made over from head to toe, from our former Flash based site to the new site using WordPress. This was accomplished thanks to the able services of the wizards at Razorfrog Web Design.  We highly recommend Max and his band of gremlins when you need web design help.

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