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“Experience and integrity in providing financial advisory services to the Middle Market.”

Eagle Partners was formed by experienced investment banking professionals. The mission of our firm is to provide the benefits of professional advice and wide ranging transaction experience to clients and transactions in the middle market.


Our partners have over 70 years of collective experience across a wide range of industries, types of transactions and market segments.


Transactions in the middle market need professional execution. These transactions are complex, time intensive and of great financial and personal importance to the owners. However, big Wall Street firms typically find “smaller” deals to be of marginal interest. We aim to fill that gap by providing senior attention, professional services and value-added to the middle market segment.

Partner-Level Focus

Our partners manage the transactions from beginning to close, including client contact, buyer investor/lender screening, marketing strategy, offering materials, buyer investor/lender visits, negotiations, structuring, due diligence, review of legal documentation and closing. We believe that this continuity of focus is one of our firm’s strategic advantages and a key to successful completion of transactions for our clients.

International and Public Market Experience

Our partners have significant experience in cross border transactions and transactions between privately-held companies and publicly-traded companies.

Value Added

Our extensive experience has taught us that an advisor can typically add substantial value to the transaction process, well in excess of the advisor’s fee.

Alignment of Interests

We are careful to align our interests with those of our clients.